St Mary’s Rushden – Ladies Group

St Mary’s Rushden – Ladies Group

All Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month in the Church Hall at 2:15pm

For more information please contact  Cynthia Brown, 359590


Programme for 2017:


January 11          Miss Joan Botterill   –  “A Message for 2017”

February 8         The Rev Mark Lees –  “New Developments for Rushden”

March 8               AGM    Followed by a message from The Rev Steve Prior

April 12                Mrs Julie Knowles –  “Evangelism in the 21st Century”

May 10                 Peter and Gloria Wright –   “Willybrook Hundred”

June 14                 Miss Sheila Addison –  An update on Emmanuel 2000”

July 12                  Afternoon cuppa/cakes in the Church Hall/Yard

August                  No Meeting

September 13    The Rev Chris Youngman   “In the steps of Jesus”

October 11           Mr Roy York     “When winters really were”

November 8       Mrs Jennie Elverson   

December 13     Christmas Afternoon