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Paraclesis : journeying together

As a Church family, we will be seeking to deepen our ministry of caring for all by journeying together through a six week sermon series called Paraclesis.  By exploring the Gospels and digging deep within them our intention is to learn even more about how Jesus says we are to care and be there for others. It covers six themes: caring, loving, journeying, living, healing and connecting.

Paraclesis [journeying together] will further add to the existing culture and attitude of caring within the church, uniting people in their situations and creating compassion that spills out beyond ourselves into the places where we live & work each day.

But that’s not all, our Home-groups and one ‘Open Group’  will meet during the weeks that follow and, using supplementary material, will seek to develop and/or increase our capacity to draw alongside each other; share practical ideas  – all so we can encourage everyone to journey together.

Open Group Sessions (Vestry Hall: 7.30 – 9.00 pm)

Thursday 23rd February – Caring

Thursday 2nd March – Loving

Thursday 9th March – Journey

Thursday 16th March – Living

Thursday 23rd March – Healing

Thursday 6th April – Connecting

All are welcome to the Open Group …. just turn up, grab a coffee and join in the conversation.

Any Questions? Then please contact Revd Natasha Brady: 07539 424821

New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

Dates for your Diary Up to Christmas!

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Dates for your Diary Up to Christmas!

Thursday 15th December at 10.00 – Toddler Carols at St Peters Church for all the Church Toddler Groups.

Sunday 18th December

– 9.30am Christmas nativity service for everyone, do come if you can.
– 6.00pm Carols by Candle light

Monday 19th December – Bumps&Babes Christmas party with lunch at 12 followed by a visit from Father Christmas!

Saturday 24th December – 3.30 and 5.00pm our very popular family service for Christmas Eve. Come to which ever one suits you best but come early to get a good seat!

Sunday 25th December – CHRISTMAS DAY! Family service at 10.30, come and sing carols on the day.  Children usually bring a gift to show us all.

Monday 9th January – Bumps&Babes@Church re starts.

School for Rushden East Development – fill in the survey

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School for Rushden East Development – fill in the survey

Rushden East is a new development that has been planned to meet the growing needs of Rushden. It will be a new distinctive neighbourhood with its own separate identity whilst remaining well-connected and integrated with the town as a whole. There is space in the plans for a school and your local Churches want to hear your thoughts, on building a new school so the whole community can be part of this project…. right from the start. It takes about a minute to fill in the survey.

Click here to fill in survey

Harvest Thanksgiving | 9.30, Sunday, 25th September

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Harvest Thanksgiving | 9.30, Sunday, 25th September
Why not join us on Sunday 25th for our All Age Harvest Thanksgiving? There will be plenty for all the family to be part of.
Any non-perishable food items brought to the service as a donation will be given to our local food bank and beyond.

Stewardship Sunday

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Stewardship Sunday, is where once a year we think about our giving to the local church and beyond. Here is St Marys standing order for those who wish to use it.

Monthly SO and Gift Aid form

Valentine’s Event | Saturday 13th February

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Valentine’s Event | Saturday 13th February

logoWe are really pleased to announce a special event for married couples or for those thinking of marriage. It’s going to be a really fun, informing and encouraging day for those who want to invest some time their partnership.

The day will be full of helpful insights, observations and plenty to laugh about …

  • The event runs on Saturday 13th February from 10.00-3.30
  • Morning session begins with coffee/tea and pastries
  • Then we spend some time thinking and laughing about our lives together and how we can improve communication and other skills.
  • Lunch is a short walk to Pizza Venezia where we would like to treat you to a free lunch (drinks will need to be paid for)
  • In afternoon there is a further short session including a special encouraging exercise personal to you both.

Tickets are now available!

Please email us if you would like to secure your place on this valuable day

Life, death, heaven, resurrection & more | Sermon Series

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Life, death, heaven, resurrection & more | Sermon Series

For 4 weeks we thought about the question of heaven and what happens after we die. On this page we will put all four talks and will include any helpful links or videos.

Quick links for the talks …

1. Matt Taylor – For Heavens sake

2. Natasha Brady – Life, Death & Resurrection

3. Steve Prior – What happens when I die

4. Steve Prior – New Heaven and New Earth for New you

Questions & Answers Sessions


22 November — For Heaven’s sake


Here is talk 1: 

Matt Taylor – For Heavens sake

Duration 20:46

Helpful links:

Paula Gooder’s book ‘Heaven’

Tom Wright’s Book ‘Surprised by Hope’


Ancient Israel’s Cosmology

‘Proper interpretation of the Bible requires an understanding of the original context in which it was written. This is particularly true for the ot. God chose a specific time, place, and culture in which to inspire faithful persons to produce what we read in the ot: the ancient Mediterranean and the ancient Near East of the second and first centuries bc. Understanding their worldview leads to more faithful understandings on our part, as misreadings result from assuming the biblical writers thought, believed, and acted as we do.’

Barry, J. D., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Mangum, D., & Whitehead, M. M. (2012). Faithlife Study Bible. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe


29 November – Life, death & Resurrection


Here is talk 2: 

Natasha Brady – Life, Death & Resurrection new

Duration: 25:40

Helpful links:

Tom Wright on Life after, life after death

6 December – ‘What happens when I die?

Here is talk 3: 

Steve Prior – What happens when I die

Duration: 27:33

13 December – A New Heaven and a New Earth … for a new you!

4. Steve Prior – New Heaven and New Earth for New you

After the service there was an opportunity for Q&A’s with Steve, Matt & Natasha

Duration: 17:13

Questions & Answers Sessions

Duration: 22.31


Mothering Sunday Service | Next Sunday

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Mothering Sunday Service | Next Sunday

This coming Sunday is our Mothering Sunday Service

It’s suitable for all ages to come together in praise and worship. There’s always lots going on when we join with our local uniformed organisations join us for these special Sunday celebrations. Each child will also have a posey to give to their Mums.

This week its Mothering Sunday, there is a video quiz, beans and flowers for all the mums.

Come and join us, 9.30 a.m – 10.30 a.m in church and all welcome for coffee/refreshments in the hall after the service.