Good News Blog | 10 Jan 2016 | Sophie Bakowicz

I have a lovely bedroom its been decorated with all my favourite things, unicorns and princesses.

But now, I have to sleep on my own in my own bed not mummy’s.

It was really tricky because I was a little bit worried about the dark, i needed to go to the toilet, I felt poorly, my legs ached, my brain hurt & I needed to go to the hospital because I had bleeding eyes! These are just a few problems I faced sleeping in my own bed.

My first night, I only woke up 69 times, pretty good i thought.

Mummy said “ if I stay all night in my own bed she would ask matt if we are able to have the church mouse then we can have lots of fun”. So i did.

We done lots of things. I took church mouse to see a pantomine (oh, yes I did) but i didn’t like cinderella’s 2 ugly sister’s.

I went to work with mummy at recovery house. I showed ivan, elliott, terry, james, dean and david how to do fast exercises & then we went shopping.   David said he needed a hair brush but he doesn’t have any hair!! He really made me laugh he was so funny!

Me & church mouse played a game, it was called mouse trap! Later he slept on my bed and we fell asleep together for most of the night anyway.

Shiver me timbers! The following day I dressed up as a pirate and instead of having a parrot on my shoulder I had a mouse. We went to school and the pirates gave us pieces of treasure.

When I woke up on friday morning, my mummy was dancing and singing to a song called celerbration.

I asked her to stop as her singing and dancing was scaring me a little.

I asked mummy why she was so happy “for the 1st time in 4 years she slept the whole night through & she was having such a lovely dream about???………well, I never did find out what mummy was dreaming about. Oh…. I know, sweets!!

Sandra who led the service said: Your mum knows you and loves you so much and knows exactly what you like and what is best for you and she has worked so hard on designing your bedroom to be just perfect for you. Our God loves us so much and knows us so well, that he has designed our lives to be perfect for us too. But just as it’s up to you to choose to sleep in your own bedroom from now on, it’s up to us to choose the way that God has for us too.