Good News Blog 10th Oct | Hannah Sutton

Good News Blog this week from Hannah Sutton …

You may have noticed that I have been doing peoples nails in the hall after church and collecting money. This is because I’m raising money for Kate’s Wheels and Smile Train. Before I started doing people’s nails, in the summer holidays I hosted an event with my friends to raise money for Smile Train by getting them to come round with a donation to enjoy a water fight, lucky dip, plenty of food and lots more and this raised £85. My family and I have been raising money for Kate’s Wheels by doing a yard sale, a cake sale and a car boot and we’ve sent off around £300. Also I cleaned Jaz and Simon’s rabbit for a donation!

1Smile Train is a charity that raises money for people in poor countries with cleft palate and cleft lip. Cleft palate is when there is a split in the roof of the mouth which makes it harder for the patients to eat, talk, breathe and smile. Cleft palate can come alone or with a cleft lip (when there is a split in the lip).

Kate is a family friend of ours who has muscular dystrophy. She is 13 years old and is in a wheelchair. She has recently had an operation which means she can’t move her back to move her wheelchair and now needs a wheelchair adaption which costs £4500. As this is a costly procedure, her parents and some friends of theirs including us have been helping out. Kate has almost reached her target and I can’t wait to send the money to her.

When Kate has reached her target, I will send the money off but I will still be painting nails for Smile Train. At the 5moment, I’ve raised £124.60 by painting nails so when that’s added to my previous event it’s £62.30 for Kate’s Wheels and £147.30 for Smile Train. But I’m determined to raise even more, so if you would like your nails done, please come and find me after the service and we can arrange a day and if nails isn’t your thing then feel free to still donate! A big thank you to everyone who has donated from me and both charities!


Good News Blog 24

Daniel Stock

It’s been a very strange week

Kaylee didn’t go to school, but mummy said it was OK because it was the school holidays (whatever that is) and that Kaylee would be able to play with me more. Kaylee did play with me more at Bumps and Babes. We played while washing the toys and at home we played lots of games together including Kaylee teaching me some yoga.

But the strangest thing happened on Tuesday. I had a very nasty cough. Mummy and Daddy phoned the doctors. The cough was so bad that I had to have a ride with mummy in an ambulance to see a doctor in the hospital. The doctor said that I needed to have some medicine to make me get better and make the nasty cough go away

The cough still hasn’t gone was but I am getting better.

Rev Matt gave thanks of the doctors and asked God to make Daniel better.


Good News Blog 23

Posted by: Jacob Haseldine | on: 19/07/15

“On Friday night it was my leaving prom and they gave out some funny prizes, one of which I won (below). Some examples are; the most likely person to save the world, most likely to take over the world and most likely to become Ant and Dec. To the right you can see me ready to leave with my partner.”


Good News Blog 22

Posted by: Jaz Shaw | on: 12/07/15

“In the Shaw household this week, we took our cat for an ultrasound. I was going to open with “we’re expecting kittens” but thought that was going to end up with me repeating the Boy Who Cried Wolf narative.

Elsa the cat is 11 months old and when I asked Simon when we should get her the op, he said “we live in Stanwick, the other cats are bound to have had the op already so it’s highly unlikely she’ll have kittens”.

And here I am, reading my good news blog with the undertones of a hard sell. 4 or more kittens up for grabs, will be born within 6 weeks and will be ready to take home in 12. Fully vaccinated, wormed and flead. See me at the end of church!”


Good News Blog 21

Posted by: Jessica Orton | on: 5/07/15

“This has been a very busy and exciting week at school. We have been practicing very hard for our next assembly which is the Wizard of Oz. This is the very last assembly we will do before we all make our big move to the Junior School!

We also had our sports day this week and I did the javelin and a running race. I didn’t do very well with the javelin, but I managed to come first in the running race.

I’m very proud of my big brother Matthew this week as he has been doing a lot of swimming competitions with his school last week, he went to Corby for the county finals. There were ten schools and his school came second so Matthew was given a silver medal.

This week his school took part in the Rushden Swimming Gala at Splash Pool. Their team won and came back with a shield for the school!”


Good News Blog 20

Posted by: Jacob and Oliver | on: 28th June 2015

“This week it was our Grandma’s 70th birthday and our family had a get-together and a chinese meal. Our cousin came and we had a game of French cricket and a long game of catch. We had a delicious cake and generally had a great time.

And in other good news it’s Samuel Sutton’s 7th birthday today.”


Good News Blog 19

Posted by: Bernadette | on 14/06/15

I have lots of good news that I would like to share, but I don’t have enough time to say them all.

First of all I have been accepted into college and I am really excited to meet some new friends, hopefully some people would be Christian like me.

Second of all I feel really proud of myself because I went up to the front of the church to be blessed, and ever since that day I have felt happier and more like the church is my family.

I also am on anxiety medication to help me to enjoy my life andh ave fun without worrying all the time.

I have also been reading the Bible and trying to understand with the help of my mum + dad (who I love very much!). It has helped me to be inspired to never give up and to follow my passions.

Finally there is one girl who is so amazing and she knows who she is, and I wouldn’t have her in my life without God, so thankyou God.”