Weekly Notices |17 January 2021

Due to the current pandemic, we have stopped meeting in our church building:
Towards the end of February, we will reassess the situation.

SUNDAY ONLINE: our service will continue to go out at 10.00 a.m.

COFFEE TIME:  at 11 a.m.,  Zoom in to a church Coffee Time, on your phone/tablet/computer.   CLICK on the BLUE LINK below and you will see everyone else on Zoom!   https://us05web.zoom.us/j/89836145688?pwd=R0l1bzBXdmdsbTdhaXdPb3ROdEEydz09   Or you may need the following:  Meeting ID: 898 3614 5688     Passcode: WQD84A

“Thought for Thursday” will continue ONLINE at 10.30 a.m.  each Thursday on the church Facebook site  https://www.facebook.com/stmaryschurchrushden/

GRAPEVINE:  Articles, photos, ads and notices for the February edition of grapevine are due on Monday 18 January to Jude (missjudecurtis@btinternet.com).

ZOOM BIBLE STUDY:  Linnet is hosting a ZOOM Bible Study on Monday evenings at 7.30pm.   Please contact Linnet by e-mail – rev.linnet@talktalk.net – if you would like to be sent an invitation to join that online meeting.

CONTACT ONE ANOTHER:  May I ask that Home Group Leaders, and our other leaders who have been phoning around our congregation, ensure that they are in contact each of their members during the coming week.  Let’s express our concern and support for one another by keeping in contact, particularly with those we think might feel isolated by this lockdown.  If anyone knows of needs or concerns, please get in touch with myself or another clergy person.

FOODBANK:  The next few months will again be difficult for many – and especially those who rely on the help of the foodbank.  I realise that we are not supposed to take unnecessary trips, so you may want to drop off items at the Rectory for the Foodbank on your way back from your own food shopping trip or as you go out for a daily walk.

Bumps & Babes:  are on Facebook on Monday mornings at 10.00am.

If you want to know more about the Christian faith and the hope we have in Jesus, please ring Steve (01933 312554) or Phil (01933 356906)
who would be happy to talk with you.


Mission Quiz Results:   Thank you to everyone who supported the quiz.
We raised £335 – a record –  which included some donations. Of the 180 entries, 33 all-correct, a further 28 with 49½, usually a spelling mistake, and 36 with 49 marks.
The winners are Sue Steven-Jones, Stanwick: J Bradley, Skipton and Andrew Ashenhurst, Exeter.  The answers and full results will appear in February’s Grapevine.

IDEAS FOR MY FUNERAL SERVICE:  Linnet Smith has made a booklet available for recording ideas for family members to know your wishes regarding funeral arrangements (songs, etc).  These will be available on Thursday 29 October or can be downloaded here: Ideas for my funeral service or sent to you by post if you contact Sue Prior 01933 312554 or email susaneprior@hotmail.co.uk

GIFTS AND OFFERINGS:  If you have any questions about your giving, you are welcome to contact our Treasurer, Robert Bates to discuss options with him (telephone: 01933 358005 or email: robertbates1947@btinternet.com).  There are options for paying remotely (by direct debit, standing order, through the Parish Giving Scheme).


For those who are Ill:    Alma Walters, Ann Beal, Viv Striblehill, Michelle Smith, Jennie Bone, Glenis Burton, Iris Gilbert,  Alan Palmer, Avril Bird, Mark Butcher, Mel Britchford, John Tye, the Whiteman Family and Ruby Willmer.

For our congregations, our communities, the local mission of ENCS (The Food Bank and Recovery House) 

Pray for our mission partners – James Hawksworth (Church Army); Tearfund; Brian and Val Hodgkin (Wycliffe Bible Translators); CMS, The Church Pastoral Aid Society; and Langham Partnership UK & Ireland.

Safeguarding image website

Child Protection Policy sign for website


Thank you, Father God

generosity2 allotment

Thank you, Father, for the rapid recovery of Colin’s brother Robert, taken to hospital suddenly ill last week with an infection, but now home and recovering.


Thank you, God, for the wonderful gift of sight. I was out this sunny afternoon when I came across a flock of sheep with their lambs lying sheltering in the shade below a group of hawthorns all thickly laden with blossom— a miraculously beautiful thing.     Richard

Thank you, Father God,
for the life of Ravi Zacharias (1946 – 2020) –
a wonderful Christian apologist – though that doesn’t seem quite the right word for such a positive present and defender of Christianity.           Richard Toosey