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Good News Blog 23

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in The Good News Blog | 0 comments

Posted by: Jacob Haseldine | on: 19/07/15 “On Friday night it was my leaving prom and they gave out some funny prizes, one of which I won (below). Some examples are; the most likely person to save the world, most likely to take over the world and most likely to become Ant and Dec. To the right you can see me ready to leave with my...

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Good News Blog 22

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Posted by: Jaz Shaw | on: 12/07/15 “In the Shaw household this week, we took our cat for an ultrasound. I was going to open with “we’re expecting kittens” but thought that was going to end up with me repeating the Boy Who Cried Wolf narative. Elsa the cat is 11 months old and when I asked Simon when we should get her the op, he said “we live in Stanwick, the other cats are bound to have had the op already so it’s highly unlikely she’ll have kittens”. And here I am, reading my good news blog with the undertones of a hard sell. 4 or more kittens...

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Good News Blog 21

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Posted by: Jessica Orton | on: 5/07/15 “This has been a very busy and exciting week at school. We have been practicing very hard for our next assembly which is the Wizard of Oz. This is the very last assembly we will do before we all make our big move to the Junior School! We also had our sports day this week and I did the javelin and a running race. I didn’t do very well with the javelin, but I managed to come first in the running race. I’m very proud of my big brother Matthew this week as he has been doing a lot of swimming competitions with his school last week, he went...

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Good News Blog 20

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Posted by: Jacob and Oliver | on: 28th June 2015 “This week it was our Grandma’s 70th birthday and our family had a get-together and a chinese meal. Our cousin came and we had a game of French cricket and a long game of catch. We had a delicious cake and generally had a great time. And in other good news it’s Samuel Sutton’s 7th birthday...

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Rector’s Letter July 2015

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As I write this on June 15, with my electric heater on below the desk, I wonder, “When will summer arrive?” It will arrive, astronomically speaking, on June 21, I know. But that’s not what I mean. I am longing for some warm weather for my vegetable garden. Students are longing either for the end of exams or the beginning of the long summer holiday – or both! Some of you may be looking forward to a special holiday over the next two months, or perhaps a few summer evening barbeques or just some time spent relaxing in the garden. While it is nice to be able to anticipate something...

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